Glutathione with Hyaluronic Acid Face and Neck cream
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Glutathione with Hyaluronic acid Face and Neck Cream

A soothing facial cream containing several organic oils and various plant extracts, ideal for sensitive and/or dry skin.  We’ve added anti-aging and anti-wrinkle ingredients to give you the ultimate facial cream for younger looking skin.  Also best to use on elbows and knees.

Glutathione is an antioxidant that is used to brighten or lighten the skin. It is scientifically proven to prevent the production of melanin, which is the pigment responsible for darkening the skin.

Alpha Lipoic Acid is similar in nature to Glutathione, offering a second antioxidant that minimizes skin's surface imperfections such as fine lines, wrinkles and enlarged pores. 

DMAE, also known as dimethylaminoethanol, tightens the skin around the face and neck and gives the appearance of having had a facelift without undergoing surgery. DMAE also aids in improving lip shape and improving the overall appearance of sagging skin.  After 2-weeks of application, a marked change was noted in the appearance of coarse wrinkles, under-eye dark circles, nasolabial folds and sagging neck skin.

Vitamin C Ester is more easily absorbed by the skin and is ideal for repairing the effects of sun damage.  It is designed to restore smoothness, brightness and luminosity, while visibly firming skin.

Our facial cream has great moisturizing and refatting properties, which is ideal for mature, dry and normal skin.

Use Twice a day for best results.

Product Net Wt. ~ 1.8 oz.

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Glutathione with Hyaluronic Acid Face and Neck cream

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