Kojic Acid with Skin White Herb soap for dark spots, scars etc
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Most POPULAR skin lightening soap. Results in as little as 3 days of continued use.

Kojic acid is considered one of the best lightening agents for the skin. The acid is highly antibacterial and antifungal and the soap is used to enhance the quality and health of skin by people throughout the world.

Kojic acid is packed with enzymes that break down the uppermost layer of your skin cells and rid your body from damaged dermis cells. This is an excellent way of getting rid of the dark spots that cause your dermis to appear unappealing. This allows the healthy and fresh skin cells lying underneath the damaged cells to develop and restore your skin back to its original state. You can use the soap regularly while bathing to benefit from the exquisite features that it offers.

Kojic acid, with its exceptional benefits, will effectively treat the aging skin and allow you to enjoy the benefits of having young and healthy skin. Finally, the soap is also effective against acne. With day-to-day usage of the soap, you can ensure that your skin is free from acne marks.

We’ve added Skin White herb which is known for its skin lightening activity, its ability to reduce age spots color intensity, and its tendency to even skin tones. 

This product is delicately scented with a combination of Sweet Orange and Helichrysum Essential Oils.  Sweet Orange is considered to be uplifting and cheerful, while Helichrysum is known for its uses to treat acne, burns, cuts, dermatitis, eczema, and irritated skin.

We have made 2 versions of this soap mainly with Glycerine/Goats Milk base and Glycerine/Hemp soap base. Why Hemp?...The composition of hemp seed oil has been
shown to produce beneficial anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant effects. Provides moisture balancing properties, helps to heal skin lesions and . Hemp seed oil alone contains anti-oxidants,
carotene, phyto-sterols, phospholipids, as well as a number of minerals including calcium, magnesium, sulphur, potassium, iron, zinc. Vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B6, C, D, and E.

Note: Lather well on face. Rince with tap water (cold water preferred) not warm water. Follow up with your daily SPF lotion or heavy moisturizer with no retinol, alpha hydroxy or salicylic acid as an ingredient. Continued use is important for maximum results.

For extra sensitive skin, test a small amount for 24hrs. before using full application. Contact your doctor before using a product if you are on any medications, have any allergies, or pre-existing conditions.

How should it be used?
When using the product for the first time, start slowly by leaving it on the skin for no more than thirty seconds. After a week you can leave it on between 2 – 3 minutes. The face should be thoroughly cleansed and well scrubbed during application. The kojic acid is quite strong and sensitive skins may experience a light tingling sensation to a stinging feeling. Monitor the reaction of your specific skin type to the product and adjust the amount of time according to the discomfort experienced.

Each bar weighs approximately 4.5oz. to 5.0 oz.    

Customer Reviews:

Reviewed by Regina Lovelace on September 3, 2015

"I really didn't think it would work but... I saw a difference in my skin complexion the first week ...face was becoming brighter, and now with my continued use my pimples are gone! My skin is smoother..dark spots are clearer, others are gone and I keep looking in the mirror..I LOVE IT ..and yes even my co-workers have noticed..(and that is without me asking or letting anyone know I was using anything). My confidence is thru the roof!! The soap is even clearing my spotted legs and arms due to scaring....would I purchase again YES!!!! This company gets an A++ in my book. Also super fast shipping."

Reviewed by Sparkle .on February 6, 2014

"So far it has lightened some very old scars.... And lightened some acne marks...will continue using. Has a nice sweet smell!" 

Reviewed by Anna Reutov on October 16, 2013

"This soap does exactly what I was looking for. I have some skin discoloration from an accident that happened a few months ago where my legs were burned. I've only used this soap and the lotion bar on my legs for a few days and I already see an improvement in the discoloration. I'm very very happy with the results."

Reviewed by StarFoxed on February 11, 2014

"It smells fantastic and feels great on the skin. Very lovely! And thank you so much for the incredibly generous sample soap! It all shipped so fast and the quality is fantastic."

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Kojic Acid with Skin White Herb soap for dark spots, scars etc

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